REVIVAL: Carnival! at Goodspeed Opera House

Two time Tony Award-winning Goodspeed Musicals has produced a revival of Carnival!, a musical love story, which runs through Sept 18 at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Conn. Carnival! features the score composed and written by Bob Merrill, and includes the enchanting classics "Love Makes the World Go 'Round", "Her Face", and "Beautiful Candy".

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Bob Merrill - Carnival - Goodspeed
All photos by Diane Sobolewski, courtesy of Goodspeed Musicals

Critics Review CARNIVAL!

New York Times
by Sylviane Gold, August 13, 2010
"Yes, [Love Makes the Word Go 'Round] was indeed written for [Carnival!] by the composer and lyricist Bob Merrill...Both the tune and the show became instant hits..."Love Makes the World Go 'Round" became ubiquitous, a 1960s touchstone. And by the very end of [Goodspeed's production of Carnival!], when the the cast lines up across the stage to reprise "Love Makes the World Go 'Round" - in a gorgeous a cappella arrangement - you may find yourself wondering why "Carnival!" never became as famous as its signature song."

Bob Merrill-Carnival-Goodspeed

The Resident
by Elizabeth Lafontaine with Don Church & Tony Schillaci, August 18, 2010
"A far cry from the kitschy big tops of America's hey day, the Grand Imperial Cirque de Paris dazzles the audience in the Goodspeed Opera House's current production of Carnival! The show is a perfect blend of emotional highs and lows, and is a must see for lovers of classic musicals. Love really does make this rendition of Carnival! go 'round, enchanting the audience with its wit, passion, and romance."

Bob Merrill-Carnival-Goodspeed

Norwich Bulletin
by Sharma Howard, August 4, 2010
"Recognizable songs such as "Love Makes the World Go Round" and "Her Face," will bring a shade of nostalgia for those who know the music. "It's one of [Bob Merrill's] finest scores," Hickey said. "It's French, it's ebullient and also dark and shaded. It also has a lush and gorgeous big sound...And for those not as familiar with the music, the show promises to be a sure hit, because it blends a smattering of elements by having a musical embedded in a carnival atmosphere."

Bob Merrill-Carnival-Goodspeed
by Kenneth Jones, August 4, 2010
"The delicate waltz of "Love Makes the World 'Round" sounds anew at Goodspeed Opera House, where a new production of Carnival! - the Bob Merrill-Michael Stewart musical about circus folk - opens Aug. 4...Many consider Carnival! - the tale of a naive young woman who joins a traveling circus, encountering acrobats, jugglers, singers and clowns, a manipulative magician and a disillusioned puppeteer - to feature the best score in the career of composer-lyricist Bob Merrill."

Carnival - Bob Merrill - Goodspeed

Milford-Orange Bulletin
by Tom Holehan, August 11, 2010
"The gorgeously sung, lovingly produced and only occasionally slow revival of "Carnival!" at the Goodspeed Opera House proves a lyrical summer romance and is a perfect fit for the East Haddam theatre."

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